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Archana Purohit, a seasoned business coach and dynamic entrepreneur, boasts an impressive track record in media, entrepreneurship, and corporate leadership. From spearheading digitalization at The Hitavada to founding and scaling Digital Ozone in 2018, Archana's expertise lies in building and scaling businesses. She has held CXO roles and been part of founding teams, driving marketing strategies for global FinTech, EdTech, and Health-tech entities, achieving a remarkable turnover of 500+ crores. An ISB alumna, Archana's coaching approach is rooted in her hands-on experience with over 100 leading brands. She combines a global perspective with a focus on advising and directing high-energy start-ups to unparalleled success, solidifying her status as a transformative business coach.


Strategic 1:1 Coaching :

Elevate your existing agency with personalized coaching sessions. We craft a customized plan to amplify your strengths and drive a 3x scale, ensuring sustainable growth.

Individualized Business Setup :

For freelancers aspiring to build their empire, our 1:1 business setup plan provides comprehensive guidance. From structure to strategy, we help you lay a solid foundation for success.

10x Growth Blueprint :

Agencies with a turnover of 30 lakhs or more and a team of 5 or more, discover our exclusive program designed for exponential growth. Unleash your full potential and achieve remarkable results in your industry.

Networking Hub

Unlock unparalleled opportunities through our exclusive agency-run platform. Our membership offers access to a thriving community, fostering connections with clients, facilitating top-tier hires, and expanding your work horizon. Join us to amplify your networking game and stay at the forefront of industry trends.

Scaling Strategies

Elevate your agency with our specialized scaling strategies. We provide insights, resources, and personalized plans to propel your growth. From client acquisition to team expansion, our expertise ensures your agency scales seamlessly, reaching new heights in the competitive business landscape.

Colaborate with Corporates

Fractional CMO for Corporates :

Transform your corporate landscape with our seasoned Fractional CMO service. We specialize in setting up high-performing marketing teams, optimizing processes, and crafting ROI-focused plans. Tailored for startups and service businesses with a turnover of 5 crores or more, let us be your strategic partner in achieving marketing excellence.

Financial Evaluation and Feasibility Study :

Gain a competitive edge with our in-depth financial analysis and feasibility studies. Whether you're a growing agency or an established business, our service delves deep into your financial landscape, providing insights for enhanced profitability. Let us guide you through strategic decisions with a comprehensive evaluation tailored to ensure long-term success.


  • Email : archanapurohit.official@gmail.com